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  • Top 3 Frustrations In Small Business Marketing And How To Solve Them

Samuel Freeman works with people in all of types businesses, including yours. His personal goal is to help as many small/mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs earn more profit, while obtaining a lifestyle that they dreamed of. Most business owners are slaves to their businesses, but things don’t have to be that way. With founder Samuel Freeman, known as “The Man The Ad Agencies, and Yellow Pages Hate…”, you can gain 100% FULL control of your business, life, wealth, freedom, achievement and…

  • Instantly leap to a higher income
  • Attract and captivate more customers/clients and KEEP them for good
  • Become overwhelmingly competitive in your market
  • Catapult your sales and magnify your profits even during a recession
  • Put moolah in your pocket NOW
  • Become the Kingpin in your Marketplace, Industry, or Niche
  • Remove ALL booby traps on your path to your wealth
  • Get major things done in less time

What Samuel Has To Offer

Resource Center

“If you knew better, you’d do better!” Which is why Samuel has put together books, manuals, and courses of knowledge on improving your business. You can find all his available published resources by clicking here.


All client relationships begin with Samuel putting your business through what he calls a “Marketing Meat Grinder”. This is a diagnostic approach into what’s going good, and bad in your business based 100% on its performance. Part 2 of the meat grinder is Samuel coming back to you with a report of his findings, and recommendations of how to fix the problems. You can find how more about this process here by clicking here.


Every month Samuel publishes a newsletter titled “Local Business Marketing Masters”. It is a brief report which arrives to your door monthly, and gives you a strategy which you can implement into your business immediately. There is also other information you recieve such as success marketing case studies and how they can be applied to your business, examples of Samuel fixing ad’s and how you can do the same to your’s, and interviews with top marketing experts revealing marketing secrets you never even heard of. You can Find out more about the Local Marketing Money Masters by clicking here. P.S. Included is the Greastest FREE Gift Ever…


Samuel operates a very small group coaching program called “Millionaire Marketing Coaching”, where it provides weekly be-held-by-the-hand support to it’s members, helping them get new ideas, marketing, and strategies implemented into their business faster than a speeding bullet. You can find out more about Million Marketing Coaching by clicking here.

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Samuel Freeman – Direct Marketing Consultant

Samuel Freeman
Samuel Freeman is the highest paid local marketing expert, trusted adviser, speaker, author, direct marketing coach, and founder & CEO of Scientific Marketing Inc and The Samuel Freeman Network.

Enjoy the light-hearted and knowledge filled videos, check out the FREE Report which you see above this area and of course, thanks for stopping by!

What Clients Are Saying…

"I Don't Know Marketing. That's Why I Need Sam."
-John McCormick, CEO and Founder of A1 McCormick Landscaping

"Sam takes care of all my marketing needs. I don't even think about running any type of campaign without first consulting with him. He's more than worth the money"
-Cedric Hall, CEO of Team Greenhouse

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